Marvel’s Avengers: After Spider-Man Will She-Hulk Arrive? The Dubbing Machine Suggests It

To listen to the latest “like convict” shared on social media by voicewriter Krizia Bajos, the superheroic universe of Marvel’s Avengers is destined to expand further in 2022 to make room for She-

The actress, dubbing and American interpreter has decided to anticipate Crystal Dynamics sharing a “green heart of approval” to a leak published on social media by those who, precisely, announce the involvement of Bajos herself in the noisy update of Mar

However, in recent years the Cuban actress has lent her voice to numerous protagonists and PNGs for the most diverse video games, contributing to the realization of titles such as Halo Infinite and Psychonauts 2, to the double

The moment we write, Bajos’ anticipation has not yet been refuted by the representatives of Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics, although the acclaimed reliability of the source only reinforces the hypothesis of the arrival of She-

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