Marvel, New Rumors On The Skydance Kolossal: Will Ant-Man Have The Protagonists Or The Fantastic 4?

After Janina Gavankar’s entry into the cast of Skydance’s Marvel game, the voices of the halls on the characters and settings of the next ambitious triple A adventure directed by Amy Hennig, the creator of

The new high-budget interactive experience of Skydance New Media has been fueled by the rumble of rumors: the co-host of Fatman Beyond podcast has confirmed that it is part of the pool.

During the last podcast, Bernardin’s revelations led the other co-leader Kevin Smith to say that the people who had chatted during the podcast had guessed the “superheroic theme” of the next Skydance game Scrolling through the chat historian, the most popular names among the podcast viewers were those of Ant-Man and the Fantastic 4.

The assumptions that emerged during the podcast with Bernardin and Smith add to the assumptions related to Skydance’s possible commitment to developing an action adventure by Marvel with Daredevil and Elektra. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, Marvel’s Wolverine’s project continues to take shape with Insomniac Games taking on new talents to develop the combat system of the next PlayStation kolossal.

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