Mario Kart 10, Pikmin 4, Pokken 2, Klonoa And Xenoblade In 2022? Hypothesis Of A Doubt Rumor

A new year begins, but the leaders do not lose the habit of getting wild with the voices of the corridor, even very big and doubtful like those reported by such LeakyPanda, who seems to have discovered the plans of Nintendo (and not only) for Big plans, according to the self-serving insider.

According to LeakyPanda, in fact, for the new year of the Grande N would be in the yard the announcements of games such as Mario Kart 10 (which could be titled Mario Kart Crossroads), a new Pikmin developed by The fact that the title was not very perplexed by the fact that it brought back a franchise that had ended many years ago on GameCube was precisely the one that mentioned Mario Kart 10, although previously it had already been spread by the Italians. Unless Nintendo wants to consider Mario Kart Live Home Circuit as the ninth episode, the rumor could lose credibility already only by reading this dubious title.

However, LeakyPanda did not stop here, giving potential anticipations on other companies’ projects: Bandai Namco, for example, would have Gundam Breaker 4, Pokken Tournament 2 in exclusive Switch, and It is true that Bandai Namco has registered the Klonoa brand in Europe, and the return of the series for 2022 seems to be increasingly likely. Koei Tecmo would also be working on a new Ninja Gaiden as well as Age of Sigmar Warriors as exclusive Xbox and coming on the Game Pass. Finally, there is a new Capcom IP, a FPS called Necrokalipse.

I wonder if we’ll really see even one of these titles, for the moment to be totally taken with the pliers. Do you believe it or are you rightly doubting it?

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