Mario Golf Super Rush Is 41% Off: A Super Opportunity

After Mario Tennis Aces released in June 2018, Nintendo launched on June 25 the new sports game of Mario exclusively for Nintendo Switch: Mario Golf Super Rush.

Mario Golf Super Rush was released on June 25 after an 18-year absence from the last title of Golf with protagonists of the great N, it was in fact the 2003 when it was published on GameCube Mario Golf: Toad

The game is available on Amazon for €35.67, sold and shipped by Amazon itself, thus with total guarantee for any malfunction. The version on offer today on Amazon is with cover in German but no problem, the game is multilingual and therefore includes also Italian.

If you missed it, we will refer you to the new trailer by Mario Golf Super Rush, lasting just over five minutes and entirely doubled in Italian, which shows all the main features and game modes, playable characters and a demonstration of the

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