Macko Esports Will Dominate Rainbow Six Siege In 2022?

The winter break of the official Rainbow Six Siege’s export competitions will be a well-deserved opportunity for the Italian teams who at Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2021 have given a show. But 2022 will give us what? Will the current champions Macko Esports be able to dominate the scene in Winter Split?

The rivalry between Macko Esports and the Mkers is now historic: after the victory of the winter title by the Macko in 2020, the Mkers regained control of the throne in the context of the 2021 spring competition and finally returned the So, when they become champions during their first LAN event, Macko Esports (compounded by Alat1on, j3n4, T3b, g3r0 and Sloppy) can rest.

Among other things, if you don’t know, the organization founded by Antonio Todisco in 2020 is one of the few in Italy with a gaming house as it should: a dream complex, from 4000 square meters with streaming rooms, spaces for conferences, pisci In short, the best of the best to let the League of Legends, Rainbow 6 Siege, Valorant and Fifa 22 teams rest and train.

But returning to Ubisoft’s strategic home FPS, no change of roster is expected at the moment in view of PG Nationals Spring 2022: a team that wins, moreover, you do not change. Will they be able to add a third title to the palmarès? We’ll only find out next spring.

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