Lucid Dreams Works At An Exclusive Triple A For Ps5: Is This Twisted Metal?

After proposing Destruction All-Stars in the first year of the PlayStation 5 life cycle, it seems that Lucid Dreams developers are committed to packaging a new exclusive for Sony console owners.

This is what the information on the Linkedin profile of the Technical Designer (formerly Game Designer and Quality Assurance Manager) of Lucid Dreams suggests. To be precise, we are talking about a triple A first-party project of primary importance for Sony, and this has led players to speculate on what it might be.

Previously, both the reactionation of Video Game Chronicles and the insider Jeff Grubb suggested that the British study was creating a new chapter of Twisted Metal, to be distributed on the market as free-to-play. As the All-Stars destruction is similar to the style and mechanics of the historic Sony series, it is possible that the software house was actually commissioned to bring back to the limelight the franchise designed by David Jaffe.

God of War’s father has commented on the rumor about the project in recent months, and it has been said extremely bitter that Sony is expanding Twisted Metal without its involvement. Finally, let us remember that the Japanese giant is at the same time engaged in a television transposition of Twisted Metal, to which the authors of Deadpool are also collaborating.

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