Lost Alone: Discover The First Youtuber Daniele Doesn’t Matter Video Game

YouTuber and Content Creator Daniele Doesn’t Matter released his first independent video game called Lost Alone and now available for purchase on Steam. What is it? Of a psychological horror first person divided into chapters, the first of which is called Sister and now on sale at the price of 4.99 euros.

Lost Alone EP.1 Sister is available on PC, the entire project by Daniele Selvitella (better known as Daniele Doesn’t Matter) is divided into three different chapters that will be published as independent games with the So titles The first episode of Lost Alone guarantees about three hours of play and was designed to be played and completed in a single game, without the possibility to save, this to ensure the player a greater sense of immersion.

The synopsis of Lost Alone: Sister is focused on the story of George and Hanna, engaged for a few months with a relationship that seems to be perfectly perfect, despite the many problems behind including George’s depression and a tragic accident that devastated A weekend Hanna receives a call from her brother Denny asking the woman to take care of her sister Laura, but the two brothers cannot honour this commitment and the witness will pass to George, who will be forced to spend the seventh in the childhood home of On this very occasion George will discover something too much about the past of his cohabiting family… In the next two episodes (Daddy and Granny), George will face his past and will emerge not too positive memories and at some point past, present and future will begin to merge…

Daniele has been involved in programming and development, direction and writing the script while the main musical theme is sung by Martina di Nardo, the other music by Lost Alone are instead by Guido Caproni. But how does the idea of producing a video game come about? Lost Alone was born in 2016 from the idea of a viewer of Daniele’s YouTube channel: “Why don’t you make a video game all your own?”, this is the challenge launched at Content Creator, who willingly accepts the proposal and

Many of the challenges Daniel had to overcome: how do you schedule a video game? Which graphic engine, which programming programs and language do you prefer? These questions have led Daniel to create a video that tells the details of the genesis of the project and that you can see above. Daniele has been refining programming techniques over the years and is dedicated to experimentation and study. After creating a Beta by Lost Alone, Daniele Doesn’t Matter asks for community support to receive feedback and advice on the project:

“I have been doing content mainly on YouTube for a very long time, since the word YouTuber did not exist yet, it can be said that it was one of the first in Italy. My nature has led me to want to experience different and always new contents, media and languages. Being a creator means having solid bases of study but, at the same time, leaving open the streets of self-taught learning. This desire to experiment has allowed me to concentrate my energies in a sector that I never imagined: that of video games. And, with sacrifice and commitment, this goal has also been achieved.”

Who is Daniele Doesn’t Matter

Daniele Selvitella, known as Daniele Doesn’t Matter, is a Content Creator and YouTuber Italian that has been up and running thanks to its YouTube channel that has now more than a million subscribers. Daniele has also experienced other media in the years and in 2011 he appeared on TV in the cast of MuzikShow by Piero Chiambretti while in 2014 he experienced as a conductor of #DDMRemix on Hip Hop TV.

Daniele’s career could not miss the radio and in 2021 he arrives on Radio Kis Kiss to lead the program KissKissenefrega while in 2015 it is the turn of Daniele Doesn’t Matter LIVE on 105.net,

Two publishing experiences with the Mondadori group are worth mentioning, Daniele is the author of the books How to become famous by sitting comfortably in the chair (2013) and E Buonanotte. History of the sleepless boy of 2017.

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