London Studio: Still Hiring For The New Online Game Triple A For Ps5

We have long known that Sony London Studio, London’s software house manager for Blood & Truth, PlayStation VR Worlds and SingStar, is working on a new online triple A game for PlayStation 5.

The historian wants to do things big and wants to create a title that matches the other great exclusives of the PlayStation family, of which he is a member. For this reason he is still engaged in the recruitment of new qualified talents, a campaign that has been going on for many months with the aim of rebuilding the structure of the entire team from the foundations.

According to the official website’s job board, London Studio is looking for some leading professional figures with experience in the development of high-budget triple A games, all to be used permanently and not on a fixed time basis. These include a Lead Character Artist, Lead Producer, Lead Level Designer, Lead Technical Artist, Lead Online Programmer, Procedure Technical Artist and Senior Game In one of the job ads, you are required to familiarise yourself with the design of games-as-a-service and games to continuous development, so it is possible that the new London Studio game can be ascribed to this category of video games.

We don’t know any more details about the project. We know that London Studio has about 80 developers at the moment, so given the ambitions of AAA, it could be the only video game currently being developed in its studios. What’s certain is that the future looks rosy for PlayStation players: London Studio is just one of Sony’s 17 first party teams working on exclusive PS5, PS4 and PS VR2.

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