Lol Pg Nats 2022: Don’t Forget To Score All The Games In The Championship!

The PG Nationals Spring Split 2022, in fact, comes to its fifth edition with a program that aims to passionate, as every year, thousands of fans ready to cheer for their own beneams. Spring Split 2022 officially started yesterday (you can find the rosters of the eight formations in our previous news).

For seven intense weeks, the best 8 teams on the competitive scene will fight to win the coveted place at the Play-off phase, which will take place in the following weeks until the final of March 20, ensuring the fans a breathtaking show.

In front of the screens will alternate teams now experienced as aNc Outplayed – present since the beginning of the competition – and the champions in charge Macko, but also new entry coming from the Circuit Tormente and the Proving Grounds

Among the great returns, the long-lived fans will recognize the Axolotl, to their third participation, as well as the Cyberground Gaming, that with a really competitive roster, in this edition they aim directly at the European Masters. The fans will remember the final of the last split, which was touched by GG Esport, who were seriously determined to try again the company and to unravel all the forecasts.

Finally, the Samsung Morning Stars will also be back, which will have an extra march thanks to their passionate community, always ready to warmly support the team in each match. Between some teams at their debut and several competition veterans, who will be able to rip the title from the Macko?

As in previous editions, Spring Split will provide two teams with the opportunity to cross the international stage of the European Masters 2022, an irreplaceable showcase for professional players who can perform their skills during the p

The PG Nationals winning team will be able to access the Group Stage of the main event immediately, while the vice-champion will have to switch from the Play-In, where you will have to earn the opportunity to proceed to the group stage.

The changes in the roster are not the only novelty of the fifth edition: in fact, also the game days, which pass to Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as the Twitch channel on which to enjoy all the matches, PG_Esports_LoL,

The PG Esports format, launched in 2018, is now among the most popular in the Italian competitive landscape, thanks to an increasingly wide and affectionate community. Such a goal results in a greater capacity to attract world-class players, as well as prominent partners.

The 2022 edition, in fact, can count on main sponsors such as Fonzes (in collaboration with Dentsu Gaming) and Kit Kat (in synergy with Sportfire and Dentsu Gaming), who confirm once again their commitment to support PG Esports also had the opportunity to count on the valuable contribution of Studio Dispari, who rethought the tournament’s graphics, making the tournament’s lines even more attractive and pleasant to follow for the connected audience from home.

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