Logan Paul: Was The Pokemon Card Scam A Fake? The Youtuber Defends Himself Against Accusations

The American actor, boxer and youtuber Logan Paul defends himself from those who accuse him of faking the $3.5 million fake Pokemon Card scam orchestrating the whole thing with the sole aim of gaining visibility on

The content creator decided to answer the accusations by packaging a video explaining that “I see the tone of some of the comments I’m receiving, some think it was all a fake and that I’m acting. Some people think it’s all false, but it’s not. Unfortunately, I was conned and spent a hell of a night when I found out I bought $3.5 million of G.I. Joe’s fucking cards! The fact is, you can’t fake a $3.5 million scam because there would be legal consequences.”

The influencer and social personality then turns to its detractors and to those who believe that he staged a false scam to lucate on YouTube views to discuss the reimbursement of $3.5 million for the Fake Pokemon Cards and reiterate I’ve already contacted one of the dealers to get that money back and we’re helping him do the same to the guy who sold him those fake cards. We are trying to get all the information we can and people have suggested that we document it.”

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