Logan Paul Was Cheated, Pokemon Card Packs Contain G.I. Joe Cards!

At the beginning of the year, Logan Paul spent $ 3.5 million on 11 packs of Pokemon cards, which had been perfectly sealed for over 20 years. Shortly after his purchase many people began to doubt the authenticity of the packages and cards, so much so that Logan thought of going deeper into the story.

Logan Paul has a rare Charizard Set Base card first US 1999 press edition valued over $500,000 and his idea was to buy other sealed packages with the hope of finding other Charizard cards of equal value to be sold on the glue market

The bad news is that once a box was opened, Logan discovered its real content: G.I. Joe collectable cards, of Pokemon cards not even the shadow inside the sealed boxes. The star is now trying to get back her $ 3.5 million and has turned to a law firm and insurance company to sue Baseball Card Exchange, an institution that evaluated the boxes. The latter claimed that it had only done its job and that it had assessed the originality of the sealed packages but without ascertaining the contents of the sealed packages. For this reason, the company will no longer assess boxes of sealed Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and will also provide further measures to provide clearer evaluations in the future.

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