Logan Paul Spent 3.5 Million Dollars On 11 Packs Of Pokemon Cards First Series

Logan Paul invested $ 3.5 million to buy 11 packs of Pokemon first edition of 1999, unopened and sealed packages, a real investment completed for a very precise reason.

As you know, the YouTuber, actor and boxer is a great collector of Pokemon cards and owns a absolutely immaculate Charizard card (as estimated by Beckett 10/10) of the estimated value of about 550,000 dollars though according to

In any case, we said, Logan Paul’s investment, although daring, was made with a very precise aim, namely to find other Charizard cards first US 1999 press edition, so that the amount spent quickly falls back.

In 2020 Pokemon cards had a real boom, never as bad as before the interest of collectors, YouTuber quickly became passionate about this phenomenon and in a short time started a collection of trading cards among the The phenomenon has also reached the ears of forgers and recently tons of fake Pokemon cards produced in Asia and destined for the Western market have been seized.

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