Logan Paul Merges 15 Game Boy Into An ‘Artist Table’: The Community Is Raging

I don’t pay for the controversy triggered by his last $3.5 million investment in rare Pokemon cards, the famous YouTuber, actor and boxer Logan Paul has sent fans of Game Boy on all furies by deciding, and

In a series of videos shared on his social profiles, Logan Paul proudly shows the fruits of his latest creative project: a coffee table composed of a two-tone metal frame inspired by the Poké Spheres and a semi-transparent base shaped in

The choice of harnessing Game Boys forever in the resin of the table, and therefore without resorting to alternative solutions such as sealed cases or common exhibitors, has prompted thousands of retrogaming enthusiasts to show vehemently the

The protest on social and industry forums is also involving many fans of the same youtuber and actor twenty-six, with support messages and parallel initiatives launched on the net to contest, in turn, the attitude of retrogaming sufferers

And what do you think about that? Before leaving you to comment, we remind you that on the pages of Everyeye.it you find our special to celebrate the 30 years of Game Boy.

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