Logan Paul: $3,5 Million PokéMon Card Box Could Be Fake

Logan Paul, known US influencer, a few weeks ago went up to the honors of the news by investing as many as $ 3.5 million in the purchase of 11 packs of Pokémon GCC First Edition of 1999, all never opened and still sealed.

The news has predictably caught the attention of the entire lively community of collectors, who have been discussing the purchase for days. Paul said that the box he bought with so much authentication was the only one in the world still sealed since 1998. Someone, in any case, could not help but express some doubts about this: the first ones to do so were the managers of the PokeBeach site, who last December 31 have raised doubts about the authenticity of the items purchased by Logan Paul.

According to the site, Paul’s card box has an unusual identification code: “All Base Sets known and sold over the years had the product code ‘WOC06033’, regardless of whether they belonged to the First Edition or not. “Paul’s packaging has the label with the code ‘WOC060331E’, which should stand to mean ‘1st Edition’. However, there are no known examples of 1st Edition Base Set with the initials ‘1E’ in the product code.”

PokeBeach also confirmed his doubts by pointing out that the barcode on the package in the hands of the influencer returns the code ‘WOC06033’, and not the one with ‘1E’ at the bottom, which would therefore be false As if that were not enough, Paul’s font and spacing would not match the ones used by Wizards of the Coast in the 1990s. Finally, the authentication procedure would be carried out by a small company with very little experience in Pokémon cards.

Is Logan Paul Box Set really fake? Although the evidence provided appears overwhelming, the only way to prove it in a definitive way would be to open the package and look inside. We are waiting for developments.

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