Loco Motive: The Tip And Click Inspired By The Classic Lucasarts On Switch And Steam In 2022

Taking advantage of the opportunity offered by the virtual stage of the Indie World Showcase on December 15th, the boys of Robust Games and the publisher Chucklefish presented Loco Motive, an irreverent adventure

“On the eve of an important speech by the wealthy heir Lady Unterwald, a hardened lawyer, a criminal novelist who became a first-rate detective and an undercover spy find themselves involved in a murder, a mystery and, Locked on board a luxurious steam train, a short distance from a cold-blooded killer, the race began to prove their innocence once and for all! Play as Diana, Arthur and Herman to unravel the mystery and test your point skills and click on solving puzzles.”

Not only aesthetically and in the structure point and click, but also in its strong ironic vein Loco Motive remembers closely the titles license plate LucasArts, Monkey Island in the first place. The title, set on a luxurious train in the 1930s, was shown in action through the movie you can enjoy in the opening.

After receiving positive reviews on the platform Itch.io, Loco Motive will be published on Steam and Nintendo Switch during the summer of 2022. Sea of Stars, the new JRPG of Sabotage Studio, also found space during the Indie World Showcase.

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