Lies Of P: The First Soulslike Gameplay Inspired By Pinocchio Is Imminent!

Six months after the soulslike announcement inspired by Pinocchio Lies of P, the developers of Newiz regain social media to invite us to admire the first video gameplay that will be broadcast… tonight

South Korean software house surprises all those who love action roles by setting for today, Monday, November 8, an event that will show the very first scenes of their next project in the middle between Bloodborne and Pinocchio

The streaming of the Alpha Gameplay by Lies of P will officially start at 22:00 Italian and, as explained by the same boys of Newiz, we will immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of this title inspired by the fable of Carlo Col

Our alter-ego’s task will be to find “Mr. Geppetto” in the hope, in doing so, to restore peace among the inhabitants of Krat. The Lies of P combat system will adopt reactive counterattacks and fluid animations, with a progression based on the acquisition of the upgrades for the bionic arm of the protagonist P. Appointment this evening, then, to find out what is boiling

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