Lego Builder’s Journey: The Beautiful Puzzle Game On Bricks Arrives On Xbox

After sending all the fans of titles “Monument Valley” to Apple Arcade and Nintendo Switch in jujucal broth, the beautiful puzzle LEGO Builder’s Journey lands on the banks of green crosses

In this new iteration for Xbox One and Series X/S, Builder’s Journey boasts all the content that made it famous among Apple Arcade subscribers and those who are like that on Switch. The game recreates a LEGO microcosm with islands to be rebuilt one brick at a time. The puzzles proposed by Builder’s Journey can be solved in various ways, with the user called to choose the tiles to place to continue the adventure. All this is accompanied by a particularly inspired soundtrack and an impact graphic section.

If you want to know more about this little big puzzle gem immersed in the “bricktose” atmosphere of LEGO bricks, our advice can only be to read the review of LEGO Builder’s Obviously, if you have already played the title we invite you to use the white board of comments to share your experiences with those who, perhaps, look with curiosity at this puzzle game and evaluate the purchase. The new version of LEGO Builder’s Journey is proposed on Xbox Store for 15,99 euros, with a discount related to the Xbox offers of Black Friday and that, in a few days, will increase to 19,99 euros.

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