Legends Pokemon Arceus: The Entire Pokedex Has Been Leaked, Be Careful

Many people wonder how many Pokemon are in Legends Pokemon Arceus, Game Freak wanted to keep a mystery in part about this aspect, confirming only some of the creatures present. But now the entire Pokedex has been leaked, so pay attention if you don’t want to anticipate.

As reported on Reddit and various social profiles related to the world of Pokemon games, the dataminers “discovered” the Pokedex complete of Legends Pokemon Arceus, publishing the list of all the Pokemon of the game

It could not be otherwise since the day one of Legends Pokemon Arceus has already been broken and since the beginning of the week many players, especially in the United States, are publishing photos of the game purchased and screened in-game. If you don’t want spoilers, our advice is to be careful about your social feeds and of course to the YouTube home page, video reactions and videos with entire Pokemon lists are already circulating and could become very popular, so much so to finish

The new Pokemon game comes out on 28 January 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch, you can book Legends Pokemon Arceus 98 cents from GameStop bringing back two used video games.

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