Legends PokéMon Arceus, Still Rumor: A Lot Of Action, Boss Fight And Hisui Forms

A short distance from the spread of the last rumors on Legends Pokémon: Archeus, it is already time for further rumors for the next chapter of the series Game Freak.

In particular, a series of well-known insiders related to the world of Pocket Monster reports a title much more devoted to action than the tradition of the saga. A turning point that could even make Legends Pokémon: Archeus “complex” for those who are not familiar with the genre Action. The exclusive Nintendo would even include a Boss Fight system, which would involve the legendary creatures of the Hisui region. Among the latter, we can specifically mention Dialga and Palkia, Pocket Monster already known to those who ventured in the previous Pokémon Pearl and Pokémon Diamond.

He then refers to further Forms of Hisui, compared to what Game Freak already announced. A particularly interesting detail, regional variants of Decidueye, Typhlosion and Samurott, or the final evolutions of the three Pokémon Legend Starters, would seem to be also planned: Arceus. Alternative forms would then be provided for Sneasel and Ursaring. Even, on the net is circulating an image depicting also the new Types planned for Hisui Forms: you can see it directly at the bottom of this news.

At the moment, we remember, we are obviously talking about unverified details: to discover the possible reliability, we will have to wait to cross the region of Hisui in Legends Pokémon: Archeus.

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