Legends PokéMon Arceus: Panoramic Video About Hisui’s Environments

After the ad on the charm of the adventure of Legends Pokemon Arceus, Nintendo plunges us into the colorful atmosphere of Hisui to show us in video the settings of the region that, within a few days, we will

Those who will embark on the new journey proposed by Game Freak will have to embark on a mission as much as ever full of surprises: each Grass Coach will have to examine, study and capture the wild Pokemon in the hope, thus doing, to

By flying between the central Hub and the different areas where the Hisui map will be divided, users will be able to cross unpublished creatures old knowledge. As specified by Japanese developers themselves, in Legends Pokemon Arceus will also give wide space to Hisui forms of creatures such as Zorua and Zoroark, as well as other beings to approach after having appealed to all of their courage

Sinnoh adventurers from the past will finally take action on January 28, with the launch of Pokémon Archeus Legends strictly exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, we leave you with our special that brings the Allenators to the discovery of Legends Pokemon Arceus.

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