Legends PokéMon Arceus, New Video: The Ginkgo Company And The Diamond And Pearl Team Leaders

After presenting the Hisui form of Voltorb, Game Freak dedicates the latest video in depth of Legends Pokémon Arceus for Switch to some of the “recurring personalities” of the adventure to live together with our Coach

By joining the Pokemon Arceus Legends Galaxy Team, enthusiasts can interact with two other groups that reside in this region, namely the Diamond Team and the Pearl Team.

Both groups boast among their Captains members at the service of the special Pokemons. Team Galaxy Trainers, for example, will be able to meet Captain Maru, a high exponent of the Diamond Team who takes care of a certain Pokémon queen, and Rapan, the Captain at the service of the King of the Land

The Regents of the two Teams will be Damon (Diamante) and Perula (Perla): the first, a daring cat who hates wasting his precious time, entrusts himself in combat to Leafeon, while the second, a brave one

Between one challenge and the other we can use the services offered by the merchants of the Ginkgo Company, a clan led by Jinkor and composed of traders who cross the region of Hisui to supply rare tools and specialties all the Allenators who

Before leaving you to the last video and related images you can find in the gallery, we remind you that Legends Pokémon Arceus will be available from 28 January 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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