Legends Pokemon Arceus Is Already On Sale, Has Monolith Soft Collaborated In Development?

Broken the day one of the new Pokemon game: the Reddit PokeLeaks channel is invaded by testimonials from players who claim to have already bought Legends Pokemon Arceus, in many cases also reporting the

It seems that at least in the United States the day one of Legends Pokemon Arceus was broken, with a fair advance to the official launch date scheduled for January 28. This means that soon forums and social networks will start to fill up with spoilers and anticipations, so pay attention if you don’t want to spoil your surprise.

Another news, this time reported by Pokemon Center (a generally reliable source for the Pocket Monsters universe), concerns the involvement of Monolith Soft in the development of Pokemon Archeus Legends, as a support studio for Game It is unclear what exactly the authors of Xenoblade Chronicles have been doing, but this is not an absolute novelty since Monolith is also collaborating with the development of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 and in the past has supported the

If you want to know more about the next Pokemon game we refer you to the analysis of the gameplay of Legends Pokemon Arceus by Cydonia.

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