Legends PokéMon Arceus Is A Prequel, A Sequel Or A New Game?

Despite the fact that the debut on the market is only a few days away, which we remember to be scheduled for January 28, 2022, players waiting for Legends Pokémon: Arceus may still have doubts about the nature of the experience. Will the exclusive Nintendo Switch be a prequel, sequel or game entirely new? Here is the answer to this question.

Being set in Hisui, the region that has been confirmed to be the ancient Sinnoh, the work of Game Freak can be considered a prequel of the fourth generation Pokémon video games: Diamante, Pearl and Platinum. Moreover, given the involvement of the mysterious being known as the Original Creature, it is likely that the title will also deepen the mythology that is the background to the famous franchise, offering a window on the events of the past that led to the formation of the About this, if you want to further explore the topic, we invite you to discover what we know about the monster that gives the name to Legends Pokémon Arceus.

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