Legends PokéMon Arceus: Hisui’s Activities In The New Extended Gameplay In Italian

You don’t pay for the journey into the past of Legends Pokemon Arceus offered us in recent days with the latest images of the exclusive Switch, the boys of Game Freak publish a new video that illustrates the many activities to be carried out once they

The film that Japanese developers have packaged helps us to paint the rich picture of missions, secondary tasks, free activities and challenges to face by flying between the central Hub and the different areas where the Hisui map will be divided.

The task entrusted to the Grass Coach who will travel to the Sinnoh of the past, on the other hand, will not be simple: each player will have to contribute to the completion of the very first Pokedex of this mysterious and ancient region, thus

Before leaving you to the video in the opening article, we remind you that the release of Legends Pokemon Arceus is scheduled for the coming 28 January exclusively on Nintendo Switch. If you are looking for further insights, please stay on these pages to read our preview of Legends Pokemon Arceus by Cydonia.

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