Legends Pokemon Arceus: Christina Aguilera And Her Daughter Played It In Advance

The latest commercial on Nintendo Switch shot by Christina Aguilera offered the famous singer and his family the unique opportunity to access a preliminary version of Legends Pokemon Arceus and, therefore, to play for

The protagonist of the latest promotional campaign launched by Nintendo (along with Jessica Alba and Neil Patrick Harris) was able to crown the dream of her daughter, a big Pokemon fan who eagerly waited for immersion

In an interview with Elle.com, the American actress and singer revealed that she had fulfilled her daughter’s wish on the day spent on the set for the last commercial of Switch: “Among a scene We have tried preview Legends Pokemon Arceus and I have to say that it is really a nice game, it has attractive graphics and a beautiful setting to explore. My daughter loved it so much that she always postponed my tune to play it! I find it a great way to connect with your family.”

Christina Aguilera then stressed her love for Nintendo video games by explaining how “I played NES with Mario and Donkey Kong. For me this commercial was a bit like being a child again and it’s nice to know that there are still Nintendo consoles on the market. At home I have a lot of their arcade games, so yes, I don’t hide from being a fan-fucking-nintendo!”

Before leaving you to comments, we remind you that Legends Pokemon Arceus will be available from 28 January 2022 strictly exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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