Legend Of League Of Legends Returns To Action: Uzi In Lpl In 2022

In June 2020 Uzi announced his retirement from the League of Legends, surprising the fans of the MoBA signed Riot Games. The 24-year-old Chinese Jian Zi-Hao revealed a series of bad injuries and health conditions, which led to his exit from the scene. Equally surprising, however, is his return to the competitive scene in 2022.

His new team, Bilibili Gaming, revealed his return to the Landa degli Evocatori. Through the Chinese social network Weibo, the organization confirmed that Jian \ Uzi \ Zi-Hao will appear next year in LPL as the new ADC of the Chinese team.

He will be accompanied by the League of Legends Pro League sponsored by Tencent, Breathe in Toplane, FoFo in Midlane, WeiWei in Jungle and Crisp as Support, while It is a perfect composition, ready to show show show but also attentive to the health of Uzi: to avoid relapse, in fact, the management has thought of a top level roster with a substitute ready to take his place, without disappointing the expectations of fans

The Chinese scene of the League of Legends will certainly be ideal to allow Uzi to return to the highest levels for which it became famous. The challenge with teams like Edward Gaming, World Champion 2021, but also Invictus Gaming, Suning, FunPlus Phoenix, Royal Never Give Up, Top Exports and JD Gaming will certainly be an opportunity to show off

During the last LPL 2021 Summer Season the Gaming Billibili have won a place to the Play-offs, although with a roster almost completely different. Will it be able to reach the same goal or even do better next year? We’ll see.

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