Legacy, Nft Sold For 45 Million Euros: The Fable Creator Ip Starts At A Thousand!

In a very unexpected way, last weekend Peter Molyneux announced Legacy, his new IP developed by 22cans professionals and distributed by Gala Games.

Production is very peculiar, the latter is essentially structured in a management with a city background, in which the player will have to design and produce a particular product, while at the same time guiding the growth of the virtual location in which he resides. To make this all quite unusual, it was Molyneux’s choice to experiment with the new video game dynamics related to play-to-earn mechanics.

In Legacy, specifically, the public will be able to exploit a dedicated cryptocurrency, LegacyCoin, to conduct their business. The use of blockchains and the increasingly popular NFTs complete the picture of this new piece of Peter Molyneux’ creative path. At the game’s reveal, Gala Games and 22cans announced a first digital land sale session within Legacy.

Well, despite the short notice, it seems that the appointment has been very successful, to the point of bringing together the incredible figure of £40 million, corresponding to about €47 million at the current exchange rate. An unprompted figure, of which investors hope to be able to re-enter through the partnerships that will enter into the virtual world of Legacy in the future.

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