Leap: The Multiplayer Fps Revealed With 60 Sci-Fi Warriors ‘Armed To The Teeth’

After shaping the MMO project of Citadel Forged With Fire, Canadian Blue Isle studio developers look in the direction of multiplayer shooter enthusiasts and announce LEAP, a science fiction-enabled FPS

In describing the gaming experience offered by LEAP, the Blue Isle team promises to offer users “an adrenaline shooter online with epic battles of up to 100 players”. The task of users will be to fight as the elite mercenaries of the Coalition for the Defense of the United Earth or the extra-world rebels interested in taking over the resources of the planet.

The pin of the gameplay will be represented by the collaboration between the members of the same team and, as suggested by the same Canadian authors, by the use of an arsenal so wide that it understands class skills, grapples, hoverboards, jetpacks and

Each warrior will be equipped with exotuta, a hypertechnological armor equipped with housings to graft upgrades such as orbital lasers, support shields and proximity sensors. Of course, there will be the customization of the appearance, with many components to be unlocked to customize the exotuta, the weapons and vehicles supplied.

LEAP is expected to be launched later in 2022 on PC, with the Early Access formula that unites Blue Isle FPS with many other continuous-development multiplayer titles. If you missed it, we’ll give you our latest special on ARC Raiders, the free shooter of the Battlefield veterans.

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