League Of Legends To The 2022 Season: The Latest News From The Patch 12.1

The 2022 League of Legends Season is about to begin: pending the official start of the competitions, between LEC 2022 and PG Nationals confirmed in detail, the pre-season sees the introduction of Patch 12.1 with small changes in these hours Let’s see what the latest buffs and nerfs are on Landa.

The only samples to receive upgrades in this last update are Diana and Gangplank: the first is receiving a slight increase in its passive AP ratios with the intent to inflict more damage to monsters in the Jungle, making it more efficient in this role where On the other hand, the pirate of Bilgewater will see a reduced cost in mana of his Parrrlé, climbing with the levels, and a reduced recharge from 5 to 4.5 seconds.

The nerves with the patch 12.1 are Sona and Rek.Sai: the…Master of the Corde, saw a decrease in the growth of armor and an increase in the recharge of his third skill, that is, Ode at The…Predator of the Void, on the other hand, gets a reduction in the physical damage of the Furious Bite (its…E.) and an increase in the cooldown of the Gallery.

Changes are also coming for some objects: the much loved Eclipse for lethality receives an increase in the cooldown of the Still, the Force of Nature gets a 20 to 25% boost in the reduction of magic damage and the duration of the absorption of damage goes from 5 to 7 seconds. Finally, Hope Lost changes the recipe but not the total cost and receives a nerf of the magic resistance from 50 to 40. All these changes will be reflected in the respective enhanced versions guaranteed by Ornn’s passive.

Last, but not least, is the modification to the Transporter that will see the exclusive use on allied towers before the 14 minutes and, after their stroke, also on minion, lights and other constructs exactly as during the whole 2021 Season. Attention to the cooldown, however: instead of decreasing according to the levels, now the Teleportor will require a waiting of 360 seconds between each pre-level 14 use, while in the following it will settle to 240 seconds.

These will be the last changes before the start of the 2022 classified Season, which will take place in Italy on Friday, January 7 around 16:00-17:00.

To the most curious and passionate we remind the analysis of LEC of the competitive data of 2021.

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