League Of Legends: Team Bds Unveils Its Roster For Lec, There Are Great Names!

The pre-season 2022 period for the League of Legends is about to end and, while the famous ADC Uzi returns to China, the arrival of the BDS Team is officially confirmed in Europe at the LEC, which has won a place

The roster of the BDS Team has become official following the publication of the tweet that you find at the bottom of the article, dedicated completely to the presentation of the new, young players who will represent the Swiss organization. Some names, among other things, are already known to fans of the League of Legends competition of the Old Continent.

From the ashes of the former Karmine Corp, now with a new roster in which the ADC Rekkles, former Fnatic and G2, arrive the jungler Cinkrof and the ADC xMatty, which Directly from the Fnatics, the young Frenchman Adam arrives in Toplane, already known to fans for his participation in Summer Split 2021, with some important performance that has led the team to second place at Playoffs, and at the Worlds 2021. He then finds Karmine Corp’s former teammates.

In the Midlane there will be NUCLEARINT, 19 years old French who returns to the Landa signed LEC after the adventure with Schalke 04. From the same team comes LIMIT, Support with experience also in Italy with QLASH Forge between May and October 2019. In short, it is the right balance between young people with experience and rookies. Will it succeed at the first appearance on the most important stage in Europe? We’ll see.

In the meantime, the former player and analyst Caedrel complains about the state of the ADCs.

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