League Of Legends: Samsung Morning Stars Confirm Counter, It Forms A Roster 2022!

The competitive season of the League of Legends for 2022 is also about to start in Italy with the PG Nationals from the start scheduled for 18 January. In view of the first matches, the organizations of the Belpaese are revealing the rosters: the first confirmation of the Samsung Morning Stars is Giacomo \Counter  Manconi, famous botlaner first linked to

The official announcement came through the social channels of Morning Stars, from Twitter to Facebook, with a nice comic book made by Eddanko. Called COUNTER-POINT, as you can see from the front pages it will serve as a gradual reveal of the roster Samsung Morning Stars for the 2022 season. For now, the first characters in the new text text chapter are Counter (ADC) and Jens

For those who don’t know Counter, the botlaner and streamer class The teams that Sulmona’s shooter was part of are many: in the context of True eSport he was Brizz’s lane mate, then he turned to Spain with the organization x6tence, in Hungary with RIFT

Counter participated in the Spring Split 2021 of PG Nationals with Romulea eSport, while in October 2021 he joined the second team of Samsung Morning Stars, Nebula. The main team welcomes both him and his coach Platy from the Nebula SMS to the Morning Stars. What will be the other members of the team? We’ll find out in the next few days!

Meanwhile Riot Games releases Patch 12.1, the last before the launch of the 2022 Season.

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