League Of Legends: Rosters Of Teams At Pg Nationals Spring Split 2022

Today, Tuesday, January 18, 2022, officially begins the PG Nationals Spring Split 2022 League of Legends in Italy. After the start of the European LEC competition, the Landa degli Evovori also fills with militant players in the country. Let’s see together the various teams that will participate in the Italian championship.

Previously we have already seen in detail the new 2022 roster by MACKO Exports: the reigning champions have reconfirmed the duo in Botlane, the Head Coach and the Analyst, while changing the composition between Mid, J In addition, in early January we treated Counter’s confirmation in the Samsung Morning Stars, the first important piece of the team.

However, be careful with the other teams, of which you will find the complete rosters.

Macko Esports

Kerberos (Top)

Sof (Jungle)

HHNeverLucky (Mid)

Rharesh (ADC)

Click (Support)

Gine (jungle sub)

Cohle (Mid Sub)

Lairas (Mid Sub)

Christ (Head Coach)

Samsung Morning Stars

Sky (Top)

Julbu (Jungle)

Sadaz (Mid)

Counter (ADC)

FlayStation (Support)

DejaVu (Mid Sub)

Instant (ADC Sub)

Rox (Coach)

Cyberground Gaming

PatkicaA (Top)

Lotus (Jungle)

Siler (Mid)

Dambaj (ADC)

Blue45ty (Support)

Khema (jungle sub)

Zekrosk (ADC Sub)

Head Coach

aNc Outplayed

Deidara (Top)

Ploxy (Jungle)

Lukezy (Mid)

Achuu (ADC)

kubYD (Support)

Phoma (Head Coach)


Doxy (Top)

Rawbin IV (Jungle)

OMON (Mid)

Beenie (ADC)

Tinelli (Support)

ReizHhh (Head Coach)

Athlete Exports

Gabbo (Top)

Mighty Dragon (Jungle)

XoNix (Mid)

Endz (ADC)

Vision (Support)

xTheBlackRussian (Head Coach)

Empire Exports

IceBreaker (Top)

Tooshi (Jungle)

Tonerre (Mid)

Sandalwood (ADC)

Paradox (Support)

KingOfEvils (Head Coach)


Conse (Top)

Music (Jungle)

Six10 (Mid)

Taba (ADC)

Shredder (Support)

Coeus (Head Coach)

If you are interested in more details about the 2022 Season, we have seen all the news about the League of Legends’ patch 12.1.

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