League Of Legends: Misfits Gaming Reveals Roster 2022, Average Age Of Players Is Very Low!

The European competitive scene of the League of Legends, the so-called LEC, continues to be defined better. Many teams will take part in the highest competition on the Old Continent, including the brand new BDS Team with important names and also Misfits Gaming, an organization that has focused on young people.

After a Summer Split 2021 ended in fourth place, even above the Fnatics, the team confirmed two of the five members of the 2021 roster also for next year: first we find the South Korean Toplaner HiRit, 23 year old who I mean, a talent you can’t miss. The second confirmation comes from Vetheo, French Midlaner of only 19 years who surprised everyone during 2021 getting the highest KDA in his role; he will remain with the organization until November 2022, except for further renewals of contract.

With the abandonment of the Jungler Razork, who was passed to the Fnatics to replace Bwipo, Misfits Gaming has therefore elevated the 20-year-old Polish Shlatan from the Misfits Premier team. From GamersOrigin comes the Greek support Mersa, 19 years old that will debut in LEC after two years of European minor competitions. Finally, as ADC we find Neon, who was kicked out of the Misfits in 2019 due to inappropriate behavior with the rest of the team and, after a long experience with Schalke 04, he is back home.

In doing so, Misfits Gaming officially becomes the organization with the youngest roster of the European league with an average age of 20.6 years. The new team will probably start the season with results that are not pleasant to fans, but it will be a period of’set-up’ before exploiting the talent of each individual member and, perhaps, to collect success as in 2021.

Meanwhile, Bwipo has revealed the reasons behind the transition to Team Liquid.

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