League Of Legends, Lec Reveals 2021 Data: The Most Used Samples From Pros And Streaming Numbers

While the competitive scenario of the League of Legends 2021 is slowly being composed with the reveal of the rosters for LEC as Team BDS, the organizers of the competition, together with Riot Games, reveal the numbers of LEC for 2021: from

The picture at the bottom of the news clearly explains all the statistics of the year now in the phase of conclusion: if in 2020 we talked about almost 73 million hours of competition watched online, in 2021 we jumped to almost 77.5 million hours: the peak of spectators During Summer Split 2021, however, the most popular game was G2 against Fnatic, in a historic battle at the play-offs with 846,491 spectators.

The most used samples? Viego has 44 picks and a win rate of 54.5% in the Jungle, while Toplane has 33 picks and 60.6% win rates. In the Midlane we find Orianna, while the Bot duo is composed of Tristana and Leona. The most banned champ is Thresh, one of the most feared support on the Landa signed LEC due to the excellent performance of Hylissang (Support of Fnatic) and also Trymbi, twenty-one years old absolute prot

The data then analyze also the samples less used during the two Split 2021 in the highest competition of the Old Continent, namely Zac, Graves and Riven. Other important data are the shape status of the various players, with Rekkles surprising in the Sprint Split with a double-digit KDA, while his replacement in the Fnatic Upset has established itself as the best ADC of the Summer Split A great surprise, finally, young Adam with 28 kills in his beloved Toplane: Bwipo’s replacement, who was in the Jungle for the Fnatic, guaranteed a show until the last match and now is preparing to do the same for the

In China, Uzi returned, a famous ADC who retired in 2020 and added to the list of ADC active in the 2022 season.

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