League Of Legends Lec: European Competitive Season Will Start Remotely

According to the latest statement published on social media, the European League of Legends (LEC) championship will start the season remotely. The ten European teams will still play their matches, but they won’t be at LEC Studio Berlin. The news arrives a few days before the start of the 2022 season.

The Twitter post explains that the decision was taken in response to the restrictions under way due to the Covid-19 and the increasing number of cases that are being reported daily in Berlin.

“Our first and most important priority is always the health and well-being of players, coaches, staff and our staff,” says the post. “To achieve this goal and ensure the continuity of the championship itself, the teams will compete from their training facilities for the beginning of the season. We will continue to monitor the situation COOVID-19 on a weekly basis and hope to welcome players to the studio as soon as possible.”

Throughout 2021, the European region hosted two seasons played mostly offline, while Riot managed to play in LAN the main international competitions: MSI and Worlds.

The LESPORTS showed a rapid action regarding the Covid-19, starting the first weeks of the LEC Summer Split of 2021 remotely, and then returning live in week 5.

The announcement of the online transition comes at the same time as the increase in cases of COVID-19 worldwide due to the Omicron variant.

The LEC Spring Split 2022 (here’s all the details about the new European competitive season of LOL) starts Friday 14 January with the Vitality Team that faces the MAD Lions at 18:00 Italian time.

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