League Of Legends: Here Is The 2022 Roster By Macko Exports, Talents From All Over Europe!

The Italian League of Legends teams for the competitive season 2022 are starting to be well defined. In view of the start of the PG Nationals scheduled for 18 January, MACKO Esports announces the roster 2022 to dominate yet another year the Landa degli Evocatori after the victory of both Split at PG Nationals 2021.

New year, new players on the team… though not completely. In the lower lane we find Vittorio \ Click  Massolo as Support and Riccardo             Similarly, behind the scenes, the Head Coach Christopher “Christ” of May and the Journalist Michele…Yariet” Maneggia confirms the Head Coach Christopher.

The rest of the team, which is enriched with pieces of puzzle from all over Europe, is changing: the British duo, composed of 23-year-old Kallon…Kerberos… is coming to the Top Lane and Sofiane.. Both participated in the NLC 2021 Summer, where Kerberos arrived at the Playoff with Nordavind winning 6th place, while Sof stopped in 5th place in Girona A.

The circle closes with Alexander……. ♪ HawHaw ♪ Fedde, Mid Laner ♪ Reduces from experiences with Domino Esports and the Norwegian organization Bifrost. In the context of the Falling Telialigaen 2021 he even came to second place, defeated with his team only by Riddle Esports.

Finally, let’s not forget the three young talents on the bench: the Jungler Fabrizio

Beware of ads all over Italy, however, as the Morning Stars have welcomed the famous botlaner Counter.

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