League Of Legends, Caedrel Unwinds On Twitch: “Adc Are Useless, Remove Them From The Game”

While we can see with a smile the return of UZI to the competitive scene of League of Legends, there are those who harshly criticize the work of the Balance Team of Riot Games defining the role of the ADC \”useless \” as He is the former professional player, streamer and analyst Marc Robert .

In recent months Caedrel has entertained thousands of spectators with his discussions on the condition of the game and the change of rosters of teams participating in the global competitive scene of League of Legends. As always, however, there is no shortage of harsh criticism of MOBA developers, who often make exaggerated changes to some champions and to the statistics of the Landa degli Evocatori, thus ruining the gaming experience.

Caedrel’s last pungent opinion was in particular the shape of shooters, i.e. the champs used as ADCs. Along with the online publication of clips that see Aphelios, Jinx, Jhin and other samples reduced to pulp by murderers like Rengar and also APC (AP Carry, pick that exploit the magic damage instead of damage

As you can hear from the clip attached to the news, Caedrel explained • with a pinch of irony seasoned by anger • even Ivern ADC with the smite ( According to him, Riot could even remove the role of ADC from the game

Of course, this is an observation at the limit between seriousness and irony, given the context in which it was said. However, it is inevitable to note that the condition of the ADCs in the last two seasons has not been the best and, with the latter patch, the situation has only deteriorated. It is hoped, therefore, that a change will occur before the competitive season.

Again about the League of Legends, we remember that last November the Worlds won the EDGs or Edward Gaming, a Chinese team that surprised the Damwon Kia favorites.

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