League Of Legends: An Extraordinary Jinx In Andrasta’s Cosplay

League of Legends has been in the spotlight for a long time. The MoBA at Riot Games has won many players and become a record-breaking project in visualizations and cashouts for several years, profiling itself as one of the most well-known video gaming exponents of the past decade. Its charm has certainly not vanished lately, indeed.

The Arcane animation series: League of Legends has been acclaimed by many parties, both in many sectors of the public and by critics. Thanks to this project published in Netflix for just a few weeks, some of the characters – or rather, of the future champions who will participate in the MOBA arenas – have been very detailed with glimpses of history that can be easily told and understood during

The two real protagonists of the Arcane project: League of Legends were Vi and Jinx. The cosplayer Andrasta, who has brought many characters in the past, has offered fans many photos with the cosplay of Jinx from Arcane. The girl with blue hair was perfectly reproduced from dress to tattoos.

He also received his dose of cosplay and, together with Jinx, is one of the most loved and proposed on Instagram and on various social media in the last period.

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