League Of Legends: A Cosplay By Vi Da Arcane Created By Italian Eugenia Bellomia

The new series dedicated to the League of Legends has hit everyone. After an announcement a few years ago, Netflix prepared the arrival of this animated product. Arcane has obtained excellent grades almost everywhere and has unleashed love for these characters who, in the past, were relegated to the only home video game Riot.

One of the protagonists is Jinx, a character who can also be used in League of Legends. His story is intertwined several times with that of his sister Vi, another protagonist of both the MOBA video game and the Arcane series. It was introduced to the League of Legends in 2012 with Diver’s role and since then the champion has populated the battlefields at high and low levels.

Obviously, Arcane’s arrival has shed a little more light on the character’s past, putting him in the spotlight and giving him more three-dimensionality. The love of fans for Arcane and, consequently, for the game universe convinced the cosplayer nostrana Eugenia Haruno Bellomia to prepare a cosplay of Vi da League of Legends: Arcane.

Pink hair on the head, scars visible both in the photos from far away and especially close up and many other details refer to one of the younger versions of the character. Sister Jinx also received a cosplay from Roxxace, a fan-loved cosplay.

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