Kumail Nanjiani From Eternals Cannot Stay Without Its Ps5 And Xbox Series X

Kumail Nanjiani, a playwright and comedian of Pakistani origins who is currently at the cinema with Marvel’s Eternals, is a great video game enthusiast and, apparently, is a superhero even in real life,

During a chat with IGN USA, Nanjiani confessed that he never separates from his new generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, so that he always takes them with him whenever he travels. During this period, between a commitment to the press and the other to the promotion of the Eternal films, “he is savoring” Deathloop, the last work of the creators of Dishonored and Prey. He hasn’t completed it yet, but he thinks he’s very close to the credits. During the quarantine, instead, Nanjiani spent many hours of play in the Orda Mode of Gears 5 along with his friends, while during the shooting of Eternals – which took place between 2019 and 2020 – he mainly entertained with The actor is also particularly fond of an Xbox 360 controller in a special edition dedicated to Gears of War.

Video games have always played a crucial role in the life of Kumail Nanjiani, who is also a graduate in computer science. Celebrates his 2013 special for Comedy Central, in which he discussed the multiplayer map of Modern Warfare 2 set in Karachi, a city of his home country, Pakistan. The comedian pointed out that the developers used Arabic for writing on walls, rather than the real language of the place, Urdu. As a child, he collected bootleg copies of the games for Commodore 64 with his father, and even wrote fan fiction inspired by Golden Axe for SEGA Genesis. He also occasionally lent his voice to videogame characters, such as the salaried Jarun Tann of Mass Effect Andromeda and a minor character from the Telltale’s Walking Dead Season 2.

These days, remember, you find him at the cinema with the latest film by Marvel Cinematic Universe. While you’re at it, find out what we think about it in our Eternals review.

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