Kukoos Lost Pets: Early Access On Pc Starts, Confirmed Arrival On Console In 2022

As promised at the announcement of Kukoos Lost Pets, the PetitFabrik boys precede the Christmas festivities officially starting the Early Access phase on Steam of their sparkling platform and confirm their arrival on

The cartoonese experience, packed by Brazilian digital forges, is based on such kolossals as Banjo Kazooie and Super Mario to project us into a multi-verse colored dominated by the Kukoo Tree and its

The title puts us in the shoes of K and Kika, two tender creatures to which it will be the task of penetrating into the most dangerous dimensional planes to prevent the Kukoo Village and their beloved tree from being destroyed by an evil force

The playful system erected by PetitFabrik is based on the interaction of characters with forest animals, on the exploration of levels full of puzzles to be unveiled and, progressing in history, on the unlocking of a The cartoonian nature of the project is further emphasized by a particularly well-kept graphic section, with numerous settings to visit among ruined temples, ice cream mountains, haunted pizzerias and enchanted woods.

From here to 21 December you can buy on Steam Kukoos Lost Pets in Early Access for PC at 18.74 euros with a 25% launch discount: if you were interested, you can always try the title on Steam by downloading a If you love this kind of platforming experience in cartoon style, please note that on the pages of Everyeye.it you can read our Wukong review.

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