Kojima Productions Is Working On Two Games, Official Confirmation Arrives

While the community of fans is still curious about the artwork published by Hideo Kojima on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, the famous game designer has released some details about the projects he is currently working on.

With the year now at the end, Famitsu decided to interview some of the most prominent personalities in view of the videogaming industry and asked them a series of questions related to the future and their aspirations. Among the developers who responded we also find the boss of Kojima Productions, who revealed to the Japanese magazine that he was working on two different projects. But it is not over here, since Kojima’s short sentence also allows us to guess some additional details: if the first project is called ‘a big title’, the second is described as a game whose development is a challenge, suggesting that it may be a

The game designer also said he wanted to explore other media outside the video game and not to be looking forward to losing all kinds of barriers between the various entertainment sectors that separate them. In short, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Kojima does not want to make video games anymore.

Speaking of new projects, did you know that Kojima Productions is expanding and looking for new staff?

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