Kojima Productions Expands: New Division Dedicated To Tv And Music

In the afternoon, an unexpected news came about Kojima Productions, the team led by the good Hideo who is now ready to expand and reach new horizons.

The famous game designer who created Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding confirmed that a new team is about to open in Los Angeles, California. This secondary division of Kojima Productions will not deal exclusively with video games, but will deal mainly with other media such as cinema, music and television. This team of creatives will lead Riley Russell, an industry veteran with 28 years of experience behind him, many of whom spent in PlayStation as chief legal officer, VP of business affairs and others

At the moment it is not clear what Kojima is working on with his team, but it is clear that the popular developer wants to work on other games as well and it is not to be excluded that in the future we will be able to watch the publication of TV series or

Waiting to find out what’s boiling in the pot, we remind you that Kojima Productions, is ‘experimenting’ something new in the studio and many believe it is a Silent Hills horror game.

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