Kojima Productions And The New Mysterious Game: Kojima Teases Fans, Something Moves?

Hideo Kojima has been working on a new game for some time now, but for the time being there is still a deep reserve on the nature of the project.

Until now, in fact, the Game Director author of Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid saga has limited himself to sharing very generic statements about it. We know, for example, that the next game of Kojima Productions will be a “radical project” and by a highly experimental nature. We also confirm that this mysterious title is already in good company, with the software house that is actually working on two new games by Hideo Kojima, one very ambitious and one with a more limited scope.

From the lively Twitter account of the Game Director, a twitter is now coming to the audience to tease the curiosity. Available directly at the bottom of this news, the Tweet represents the desktop of the Hideo Kojima computer itself. At the center of the screen we can see a solitary folder, which – in Japanese – contains the words “new project.” Unfortunately, there is nothing concrete about the content of the mysterious folder, but the increasingly frequent Kojima hints to his new game could hide the desire to present the production shortly. That something’s finally moving?

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