Koi, Ibai And Gerard Piqué’S Team Export: Rekkles’ New Team Defeated At The Debut

The official entry of Lando Norris into the exports with the Quadrant team of Halo Infinite was not enough. The famous defender of FC Barcelona Gerard Piqué has also created KOI, an export organization created together with the Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos. The debut has already taken place on the League of Legends and the premises are excellent.

First, immediately following the KOI announcement, it is depopulated on Twitter, where at the time of writing the article already counts on more than 285,000 followers, while on Instagram it is reaching 220,000 followers. The impact of the names involved was therefore sensational, but not only on social media.

KOI has already debuted on the League of Legends against Karmine Corp, a team owned by the French streamer Kamel “Kamet0” Kebir and the back-to-back winner of the EU Masters of the This friendly was important not only for the start of the KOI team, but also for the return to action of superstar Martin “Rekkles” Larssen, new AD Carry of KCorp after the adventure with the G2.

On this occasion, the Twitch broadcast saw the participation of around 470,000 spectators during the first game, a number that would bring the showmatch even to third place in the 2021 summer broadcasts of the main European competition, LEC. Currently the VOD is approaching 6 million views, surprising numbers for a team unveiled and landed in the export scene in the last hours.

A great start for KOI, who, after the League of Legends team, plans to create a team of VALORANT, the First Person Shooter competitive Riot Games. Streamer Ibai confirmed that the roster will be unveiled in a few weeks. It is not known, however, which official competitions will take part in: the funds are not lacking, given the success of the two owners in the Spanish and European community in total. I mean, surprises could be really around the corner.

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