Koei Tecmo And 2022: Games Coming Up That Will Show The ‘Full Power Of The Studio’

Koei Tecmo already has very clear ideas for his future and aims to leave its mark in 2022. Through the pages of the Japanese portal 4Gamer, several members of the company have revealed what their plans for the new year are, leaving clues scattered about what they are ready to offer to their fans.

For example, Yosuke Hayashi from Team Ninja, key figure in the Dead or Alive series, confirms that in 2022 they will see the light several games in development for a long time, which will clearly show the “full power of Koei Te Hayashi has not been unbalanced on what kind of projects are in the yard, although many company enthusiasts have long hoped for Ninja Gaiden’s return through an unprecedented adventure (in this regard, our review of Ninja

Team Ninja’s brand director Fimihiko Yasuda invites players to stay awaiting news on a new action set in the Three Kingdoms period, as well as another game he is personally directing is that ready to The president and CEO Hisashi Koinuma also reiterates the same concepts, confirming the arrival of many Koei Tecmo games in the coming months.

Finally, Keisuke Kikuchi, producer of the Fatal Frame/Project Zero series, announced that in 2022 his team will be busy working on a project that they have never experienced before, although it will take a long time before he sees In any case, it has already been confirmed earlier that no new project of Project Zero is scheduled after the remastered by Maiden of Black Water: the next title of Kikuchi, therefore, should be completely unpublished.

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