Klonoa, Return More And More Likely: Clues From The 2022 Calendar Of Bandai Namco

There is much talk about the possible return of Klonoa, the appreciated Platform series by Namco (now Bandai Namco) since 1997, the year he made his debut on the first PlayStation. The latest franchise member dates back to 2008 on Wii, but since then no further brand-related titles have been produced.

Bandai Namco recently registered the Klonoa brand in Europe, namely Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series. This has therefore fueled suspicions about the possible return of the franchise after a long futility. Now the same Japanese software house may have provided a further clue about the future of the series: in the 2022 calendar produced by the company and with illustrations dedicated to its most recent productions of most success, such as Tales of Arise, also appears an artwork dedicated to A somewhat suspicious publication also reveals the trademarks recorded in previous days in Canada and Europe, and which further fuel the possibility that a new project exists.

In September 2021 Bandai Namco had already registered two brands for Klonoa, specifically Waffuu Encore and 1&2 Encore. The latter could suggest a possible collection of the first two chapters of the series released on PlayStation and PS2, perhaps in remastered versions. Until Bandai Namco expresses itself, we remain in the field of simple hypotheses, but it seems more and more likely: Klonoa is coming back.

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