Kirby Turns 30 And Nintendo Celebrates With A Wallpaper Dedicated To The Pink Balloon

Nintendo prepares for long days of celebration in view of the celebrations for Kirby’s birthday, one of the most iconic characters born from the Kyoto house. The famous pink balloon is in fact 30 years old.

The day of Nintendo is therefore marked by Kirby who, for the three decades on his shoulders, is preparing to return to the stage with a new game. Today Nintendo has revealed the release date of Kirby and the Lost Land with a trailer that has not been released: from next December 25 fans will be able to experience the new adventures of the mythical pink character. The celebrations don’t stop here, however: the official Japanese Twitter account of Kirby has promised other news with a tweet that reads ” 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the Kirby series! Expect a variety of #Kirby30 events coming soon”. Waiting to learn more, players will be able to download a wallpaer dedicated to Kirby’s birthday simply by following this link.

Kirby’s Dreamland made its debut in 1992 on Gameboy, immediately becoming a reference point for Nintendo fans and opening the way to the subsequent games released on NES, SNES, Nintendo The original title of the game was Hoshi no Kirby which can be translated as “Kirby of the Stars,” which explains the passion of the pink balloon for the famous stars.

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