Kirby And The Lost Earth Arrives Very Early, Nintendo Reveals The Date Of Exit

With a new trailer Nintendo announced the release date of Kirby and The Lost Land for Nintendo Switch, the new game of the pink ball will arrive in Europe on March 25th, thus respecting the launch window set for the spring of the

Kirby has a talent to inhale the air and he’ll have to work when he arrives in an unknown land, discovers that the Waddle Dee were kidnapped by the army of beasts. To save his friends, Kirby leaves for a trip with the curious Elfilin, who meets in the new world.

Kirby E The Lost Earth is described as a thrilling adventure in a 3D world, in this new game Kirby will be able to use completely new skills like the Trivella and Explorer copying skills. The first will allow you to dive into the ground and surprise the enemies by hitting them from below while the second will allow you to spot the most distant opponents.

Kirby E The Lost Earth also supports the local co-op multiplayer for two players as well as online challenges and rankings and a series of exclusive mini games. With this new title, Nintendo is preparing to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Kirby, the character created by Sakurai (Super Smash Bros’ father) debuted in 1992 on Game Boy and later on

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