Kingdom How Deliverance Elected Best Czech Game Of The Decade

Warhorse Studios and Prime Matter announce that Kingdom Come Deliverance won the “Best Czech Game of the Decade” award at the eleventh Czech Game Awards.

Kingdom Come Deliverance came out in 2018 and sold over four million copies worldwide. Warhorse Studios is currently working on the porting for Steam Deck and overseeing the porting for Nintendo Switch developed by Saber Interactive, as well as being engaged on a project not yet announced.

To celebrate this award Warhorse Studios, in collaboration with GameDev Area, and Brno Philharmonic Orchestra invite everyone to participate in the Kingdom As Deliverance Live Concert scheduled on February 5, 2022 in Prague. Directed by Jan Valta, the composer of Warhorse Studios, will play a selection of the most famous OSTs with a screening of game scenes.

Undoubtedly the best Czech game of the decade is a good recognition for the study and for Kingdom Come Deliverance, IP that in a few years has been a good success of public and critics. Currently Warhorse has not announced a sequel or new games set in the universe of Kingdom Come, the study is not yet ready to unveil plans for the future of the franchise, we hope to learn more during 2022.

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